Dermatology in a different light


Introducing a new technology that boosts your own healing mechanisms

At Kleresca®, we are pioneering the use of biophotonic technology to stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanisms through fluorescence.
Demonstrating high safety and efficacy, our unique treatments help to reduce inflammation, increase the build-up of collagen* and normalise cellular activity. In scientific terms, the process is known as photobiomodulation.
We offer treatments for therapeutic and aesthetic conditions that are designed to target your specific dermatological needs.

*Build-up of collagen refers exclusively to Kleresca® Acne Treatment indication.

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Our technology in action



The Kleresca® way

At Kleresca®, we aspire to transform the way skin is treated. Our innovative biophotonic platform creates a mode of action unique in the field of dermatology.

"You would just lie down for about 9 minutes, and I like to just close my eyes 'cause the light is quite warm, and PRETEND THAT I'M IN BALI OR COSTA RICA OR JUST ENJOY THE SUN."

How the technology works

Based on the principles of biophotonics, Kleresca® uses a breakthrough technology which converts light energy to stimulate the skin at a cellular level. 

"Lying under the lamp I had the feeling that my skin was working – something was going on under this gel, small changes were taking place, the sensation was really exciting."

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